Search engine optimisation

Often referred to as SEO search engine optimisation is the dark and often mysterious art of getting visitors to your site for FREE.

How is it done!

It's really simple! Some times referred to as key word themeing within your page you repeat whatever phrase that you would like to rank. The clever bit is choosing the correct key words. These are words or phrases that your customers are going to type into a search engine.

The problem is that as every one else is trying to influence the search engine to rank their pages higher up the search engines it is very difficult (or impossible) to rank popular search terms.


If you own a web site there are several things that can be done to improve the situation and these include

Choose a URL (web site name) that includes your search term

Getting as many links to your web site as possible (given two identical web sites the one with more links will be better ranked) The more well known the web site the better.

Keep mentioning your web site in forums relevant to your site. Don't over use this method. Once or twice a year should be enough, or when you have something interesting to tell the other forum members.

Keep updating your web site. From my own experience pages that get updated go up the listing pages and the pages that are static go down!

More pages = you can target more search terms = more traffic.



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